Hanford business launches "operation donut delivery"

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's a sweet delivery with a surprise.

The owners of Donut Cafe are on "operation donut delivery," giving donuts to essential workers and those that need a smile.

Grocery store workers said they were "thankful" when they received donuts. Michelle Soeiro and Cham Mak are the owners of Donut Cafe, they opened their business in December and then the shelter in place hit.

"Things started slowing down really bad and we had a ton of donuts left over. We started wondering should we close, should we stay open. We're probably going to have close the shop entirely for good," said Michelle Soeiro, owner.

With bills still coming up and a desire to stay open, they pushed ahead to serve customers in this new norm and thought about others.

"So I was like you know what, life sucks for everybody right now, I'm going to get some donuts right now and hand them out with a message because I know that it's hard for everybody right now and there has to be a way I can make people smile," Soeiro said.

That launched operation donut delivery, where they donate to workers or people in the community. Customers have donated through Venmo and also in person. The owners try to match each donation.

Donut Cafe is also delivering donuts. Customers can order special boxes, like a Cardi B box, and have them delivered to friends or family with a special message for $30.

"We are excited to see customers come in to buy our product because we kind of struggle," said owner Cham Mak.

While times are tough especially for new businesses, they are hoping to keep their shop open.

"We just have to keep trying to move forward and do our best and hope we can help our community and our community will help us back," Soeiro said.

To date, they've donated more than 2,000 donuts in the community. Donut Cafe is open Tuesday through Sunday, 5 am - 2 pm and is offering takeout or curbside pickup.
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