Fresno Pacific athletes work out on campus amid while following COVID-19 protocols

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Thursday, junior college sports were moved from the fall to the spring season.

On Friday, over at Fresno Pacific, the Sunbirds are still getting ready for the upcoming season while taking extra precautions.

Things look a little different inside the gym at FPU.

"There's some complexities to the daily routines in what we're trying to figure out."

Fifth-year women's basketball coach Tim Beauregard was referencing the COVID screening he and his athletes had to go through to get in the building.

"For us it's gloves and masks and wiping down everything from where we come in to where we exit to them having to bring their own water bottles, staying six feet apart with the chairs," said Beauregard.

Basketballs can't be shared unless you're the McClard sisters.

"It's kind of cool that we can touch each other and be fine because we live together," says Kate McClard.

For Hanford alums Bayli and Kate, the offseason work provides a chance to get help from coach that they might've missed working on their own.

"It's cool. She's my little sister and we get to see each other grow and play on the court," says Bayli.

Also working out on Friday was Clovis product Rachel Berry who's recovering from a season-ending injury and has been forced into at-home rehab the last few months.

"At-home rehab every day... I would just have to be in constant communication with my doctor and with my trainer trying to figure things out," Berry said.

In all, 26 Sunbird athletes across nine sports took advantage on Friday of the NCAA governance that allowed for these types of summer workouts.

While no decision has been made on the fall and winter season to this point, Beauregard is ready for either outcome.

"When I look at my circle of 30 we've stayed connected in just trying to stay optimistic but also being prepared to cross any bridge that comes because it's not going to be surprising one way or the other when decisions are made and it trickles down to us pretty quick."
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