Fog and mist systems in demand during pandemic

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A cool fog is falling over a new temporary patio at Annex Kitchen in northwest Fresno.

While its catering is at a standstill, Annex Kitchen is still serving customers.

The latest governor's orders have moved dining outdoors and staff put together a patio, with a fog and misting machine to keep customers cool.

"It came just in the nick of time when we started having these string of 100-degree days. We've got music out here. There's a lot of additional expense in doing it out here," said Jim Pardini, president of Pardini Inc.

They got help from Visalia-based company Custom Fog Designs.

"This is our busiest year, I think ever.... Once the heat hit, our phone has been ringing off the hook. We are fighting to stay ahead," said Allyn Cook, president of Custom Fog Designs.

The owner said their systems creates more of a fog than a mist and can cool down a space 15-20 degrees.

Cook said sales are up about 25% in part, he believes, due to people staying at home and restaurants needing cool spaces.

Residential systems are also in demand and can range from $4,000 to $6,000

Visalia restaurant Pita Kabob just got a system to cool off its patio diners.

"We've been fortunate because we have an outdoor beer garden at our downtown location, aside from reducing seating to meet social distancing standards, we're still blessed to sit people out there," said Chafic Dada, Pita Kabob.

Like many Valley businesses, Pita Kabob and Pardini's are hoping to keep their customers and business going.

They hope these cool systems will keep customers coming back for more meals during the summer months.

Annex Kitchen said it will keep its cool outdoor kitchen for as long as is needed. In the future the company says it could build an permanent outdoor space.
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