Clovis teen starts Art for Art fundraiser to support local theaters

When COVID-19 forced local theaters to lower the curtain on all performances, this Clovis teen wanted to help.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis Unified student is using her art to help keep our local performing art groups alive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stella Freeman says she's felt at home in the theater since sixth grade.

"I'm able to make a lot more friends than in school because in school you get a select group but in theater you can keep building and building because you meet new people," said Stella.

When COVID-19 forced local theaters to lower the curtain on all performances, Stella wanted to do something.

"I was worried how they were going to make an income because not only does the theater have to pay the rent on the stage if they don't have a mortgage on it yet, they also have to pay their own bills," explained Stella.

She started sketching and turning her hobby into a way to support her local theater.

"She wants to give back to the people that helped her," explained Stella's dad, Greg Freeman, "Because she really values the help and support and the things they offered for her to grow."

Through August 15, she'll sketch a photo of any person or pet for $20. The proceeds will be split between four local theater companies.

"Without them and their support, kids that have a passion for this would not be able to grow," added Greg Freeman.

"Theater's also one of my passions and goals in life," Stella said. "So, I want to give back to my theater company who have helped me get where I am."

So far, she's raised over $1,000, but she hopes that's just the start. You can email her at or message her on Instagram @STELLAS_H.ART to have you're own original sketch by Stella.
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