Back to School: Fresno County reminds parents to get their kids vaccinated

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As kids prepare for the school year equipped with laptops for remote learning, health officials want to remind parents their kids still need to be vaccinated. So many back-to-school routines have been disrupted.

"If we don't get everybody up to date with their immunizations, it's actually going to lead to other infectious disease epidemics

that we frankly just cannot afford right now," said Fresno County public health officer Dr. Rais Vohra.

The state has resolved computer database issues which held up about 300,000 test results.

That includes 1800 positive COVID-19 cases in Fresno County though some could be duplicate reports.

"Until we get it processed and look at onset dates, we won't be able to tell are these new cases or old cases. Right now we just know that's how many that the state reported are in that holding place," said senior epidemiologist Stephanie Koch-Kumar.

County officials are concerned about large weekend crowds at Skaggs Bridge Park. Many people haven't been wearing masks or distancing themselves. As a result, several visitors have tested positive for the coronavirus.

"That's really just not a good practice right now. That's actually keeping us from flattening our curve and keeping us from being able to open up our business sectors," said Dr. Vohra.

The state strike team sent by Governor Newsom has not yet issued its report but praised CRMC's ability to handle the valley's COVID surge.

"It's good that our area and our system gets acknowledgment from the state for doing something really right in that we are prepared," said EMS director Dan Lynch.

To handle the growing demand, the health department is urging more labs and doctor's offices to offer swab testing.
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