Kids in Visalia learning where the food they eat comes from

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- An after school program in the South Valley is giving kids hands on experience growing their own food.

The "Growbotics" program through the Pro-Youth Heart Organization is at all 25 elementary schools in the Visalia Unified School District. Classes are held once a week after school. The kids do everything from picking the seeds to harvesting them.

"You have no idea the first day I go 'where do our tomatoes come from?' the grocery store (the kids answer)," said Growbotics leader Brooke Carnan.

Carnan says the kids quickly learn the work and care that goes into plants. They also learn water conservation and conduct experiments to determine how much water plants need.

Kids are also more willing to try a vegetable they normally dislike if they've grown it, Carnan said.

"We really want to expand the learning opportunities for students in this area and we want to make sure they're engaging in awesome science, awesome science lessons," said Growbotics Administrator Juan Villarreal.

Villarreal says parents interested in getting their kids in the classes can contact Pro-Youth Heart. Their number is (559 624-5810

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