Over 30% of Fresno homes may have no parents to watch kids while distance learning, study says

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As students continue distance learning, studies show that many may not have a parent at home to help, including kids in the Central Valley.

"They're having to go out and work, and they don't know what's going on with their children's education, and they want to know more but they can't," said Carmen Zamora with Go Public Schools Fresno, "Because they also have to worry they and their children have a roof over their head."

According to a report from Smartest Dollar, roughly 31% of Fresno homes may have no parents to watch the kids.

"I can think of a mom right now working in the fields," said Zamora. "She has had to deal with having to leave her children home alone while she has to go and work and provide for her children,"

Zamora says she and her colleagues have seen this struggle first hand in their effort to work with parents.

"Not only are we facing the problem with child care, but we're also facing the problem with digital literacy because they don't know how to navigate technology," continued Zamora.

A working mom of three, she's learning to navigate some of the same challenges herself.

GoPublic Schools Fresno advises supports and advocates for parents of children in Fresno Unified. For more details on the non profit visit their website.
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