Man hit and killed by car in northeast Fresno, woman severely injured

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A deadly crash involving a pedestrian led to another crash when a good samaritan stepped onto a busy highway to offer help.

The pedestrian was killed after he was hit by two cars.

Investigators say he walked onto Highway 41 at Friant road just before 11 pm Saturday.

A passing driver saw the man lying on the road and pulled over before walking onto the highway to help.

But as she made her way to the victim, another car came by and hit her.

Officers say the samaritan suffered major injuries but she is expected to survive.

They are using this incident as a reminder of the dangers of the road.

"Freeways are dangerous -- it's important that if you're ever involved in something on the freeway, you stay in your vehicle, seatbelted until you can reach safety," says CHP Sgt. John Tyler.

Officers haven't identified the man hit and killed by traffic.

All involved drivers stayed on scene and alcohol isn't believed to be a factor in this collision.
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