Mayor Jerry Dyer, other Fresno City Council members publicly sworn in at City Hall

Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer is settling into his new role after taking part in a swearing-in ceremony at City Hall.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Mayor Jerry Dyer is settling into his new role after taking part in a swearing-in ceremony at City Hall. He was joined by several members of the Fresno City Council.

Dyer actually took the oath of office on Tuesday but returned for an event that was a family affair. Dyer's son and daughter administered the oath during the virtual ceremony.

It took place Thursday morning on Zoom with Dyer thanking his family and outgoing mayor Lee Brand.
He spoke about the pandemic and social unrest in the nation, even touching briefly on what happened on Wednesday at the nation's Capitol.

But he quickly set his sights on the future, sharing what he hopes to see in Fresno in the coming years.

Dyer said he has a good sense of what people want. He said, "They want a city that is united and not divided. Regardless of skin color, income levels, zip codes or political party, they want one Fresno."

He said his immediate plans called for moving homeless people off freeways and into motels under Project Off-ramp.

"I am anticipating within the next 45 days to 60 days our freeways will not have homeless people on them," he said.

Dyer also reiterated his commitment to getting the coronavirus vaccine out as soon as possible.

"I'm committed to working with health officials to make sure the vaccine is distributed timely to first responders and our most vulnerable population. I'm also committed to do all that we can to minimize the spread of COVID-19 as we safely reopen businesses and schools," Dyer said.

Fresno's seven City Council members reminded the former police chief he'll need four votes to move any project forward.

Councilmember Miguel Arias said, "On your Off-ramp proposal, all we're going to do is make sure that there's also an on-ramp to housing and to sustainable livelihood."

Councilmembers promised to hold Mayor Dyer accountable, adding amenities and job prospects must be equal in all Fresno neighborhoods.

Councilmember Mike Karbassi said, "I know that there's been a lot of animosity in the past between the council and the mayor and the administration but this is a different time. I think we need to give each other a chance."

The chance to talk about his wife Diane made Mayor Dyer tear up. He explained, "We've been married 40 years. We've been together since our freshman year in high school and she's been my rock and I'm so grateful for her in my life."

Dyer has also established a Beautify Fresno department to improve the city's curb appeal.

Councilmembers Karbassi and Garry Bredefeld were sworn into office for another term.

"I'm very confident in what lies ahead this is a new era. This is a new mayor, a new council, and there's a lot of opportunities ahead," Karbassi said.
Tyler Maxwell was also sworn in for the first time representing District 4.

Former Councilmember Paul Caprioglio and former Mayor Lee Brand also gave farewell addresses at the ceremony.

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As he took the oath of office, Dyer said he could feel the added weight on his shoulders.

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