Man who strangled his grandmother 6 years ago appears in court

A Fresno man accused of killing his own grandmother in late 2012 appeared in court on Thursday, only to have his sentencing hearing continued until next month.

Travis Fendley is a man who has suffered for most of his life with mental health issues.

So by postponing Thursday's sentencing hearing, it gives his attorney more time to speak with doctors and collect additional information that could benefit Fendley's future parole chances.

Shielded from our camera by his attorney, Travis Fendley was back in a Fresno County courtroom Thursday.

The man who confessed to strangling his own grandmother to death inside her East Central Fresno home more than six years ago had his sentencing hearing put off until next month to give his lawyer more time to better prepare additional evidence.

Fendley was 22 at the time of the murder and has already agreed to a 15 years-to-life plea deal.

But a relatively new law will allow his defense attorney to introduce information during the sentencing hearing that could impact future parole consideration.

"Details from this hearing will be used at that consideration day and we want to make the best possible record for Mr. Fendley," said Scott Baly, the defense attorney.

Fendley has had a history of mental illness - and was in and out of jail for a number of non-violent crimes in the months leading up to his murder.

"His mental state today is good. In court he is competent but it's the overarching considerations of his mental status that we want reflected at the sentencing hearing," Baly said.

Travis Fendley is due back in court for his sentencing hearing on February 21.
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