Corin Hoggard
Corin Hoggard is an award-winning journalist who covers the courts for Action News and is the anchor of the weekend editions of Action News AM Live.

Corin joined Action News in March 2005 after spending six years producing the highest-rated morning newscast in the country at our sister station in Houston, KTRK-TV.
He prides himself on breaking exclusive stories -- like securing body camera videos showing alleged excessive force by a police officer, his investigation into Fresno and Clovis clinics accused of shortchanging vaccines for patients, leaving them vulnerable to illness and pregnancy, and exposing a Fresno police officer accused of pimping out his prostitute girlfriend.

His exclusive series on loopholes in jail policies and AB-109 allowing sex offenders to avoid jail despite violating parole even got reaction from the state government. He was the first reporter to interview the Valley Marine who robbed two banks just after he was released from the VA on a PTSD diagnosis and who later got help from President Obama to regain control of his life.

The Radio-Television News Directors Association recognized Corin for his reporting on the brain drain out of the Central Valley, and he won an Emmy for reporting on a terrorist's knife attack at UC Merced. (He's still trying to unearth FBI and other investigative records from that investigation.)

Corin toddled through his childhood traveling the world, living in Germany, Canada, New York City and Fargo, North Dakota, where he caught the journalism bug while delivering the Fargo Forum and putting together a junior high school newspaper.

After graduating from the University of Houston Honors College with a B.S. in biology, Corin rediscovered his passion for journalism, and broke into the TV business after earning a Houston Press award for his writing at a local newspaper. He even returned to Houston to help out ABC13 with their wall-to-wall coverage of Hurricane Harvey's devastation and the area's early steps towards recovery.

While he isn't a native of the Valley, Corin has planted roots here. When he's not in the newsroom, he loves spending time with his wife (a Clovis High School graduate) and daughter. Favorite pastimes include baseball, visiting Yosemite or Kings Canyon, tasting his way through every beer crafted in the Valley, catching the live music scene in Fresno or Visalia, and running.

Corin's Stories
Fresno man on trial, accused of murdering his girlfriend and staging it as a suicide
Prosecutors say Daniel Gomez Cervantes shot and killed Miriam Corona in the back of the head while she was sleeping. But defense attorneys say their case is built on speculation.
New COVID quarantines keeping 38% of inmates out of Fresno County court
A rebound in COVID cases is slowing the wheels of justice all over again, just as Fresno County prepares to scrap all the adjustments that have kept things moving during the pandemic.
'Night of Rage' concerns at Central Valley churches, Planned Parenthood after Roe overturned
The issue of abortion is so heated, investigators from the Department of Homeland Security are warning of potential violence following the Supreme Court ruling.
New video shows deadly Fresno County DUI collision, driver apologizes before punishment
An apology, forgiveness, and punishment today in the case of a hit-and-run driver who was impaired when he killed a man on a motorcycle in October 2019.
Deadly Clovis crash: New details could make DUI case even worse for driver
The allegedly drunk driver who killed a Madera father on Father's Day and injured his family is now fighting the charges against him, but new details from the case could make things even worse for the driver.
'It was like hell': Fresno woman exposes 'secrets' of notorious federal prison in California
A federal prison in California known as the 'Rape Club' for its culture of sexual assault and cover-ups is under heavy scrutiny and a Fresno woman says she can expose some of its secrets.
Life in prison for Fresno man who failed to pin double murder on teenage brother
A 19-year-old Fresno man will spend the rest of his life in prison after he admitted to murdering his father and his younger brother last year.
Double murder details could lead to death penalty for Fresno man
Witnesses to a domestic violence shooting that killed two women last year told a judge Thursday what they saw, bringing a double murder suspect a big step closer to a possible death penalty.
Adventure Church lawsuit can't stop Tower Theatre sale to city, judge rules tentatively
A judge has tentatively rejected an attempt by Adventure Church to prevent the sale of the Tower Theatre to the city of Fresno.
Fresno faith leaders denounce city decision to pull funding from Advance Peace
A group of Fresno faith leaders are denouncing the city's decision to pull almost $1 million in funding to the violence prevention program known as Advance Peace.