Gene Haagenson
Gene has been a member of the Action News team since 1991. As a reporter, his emphasis is on local government, but he covers everything from traffic accidents to presidential visits.

Before coming to Fresno, he worked at television and radio stations in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Alaska. He attended the University of Northern Colorado, majoring in Journalism and Theatre Arts.

He and his wife Mary live in Clovis and have three adult children and five grandchildren.

Mosquito release underway in Fresno, Clovis neighborhoods
Male mosquitos are being released into Fresno and Clovis neighborhoods, ready to mate. But the females who seek them out will not reproduce.
If you're visiting Yosemite, stay away from the water!
The waters in Yosemite National Park might look inviting, but they are freezing and very fast. You may not make it out if you fall in.
Fresno mayor Lee Brand announces city-wide cleanup campaign
Mayor Lee Brand wants to make the city a more beautiful place but cleaning up homeless camps and junk remains a challenge.
High temperatures increase Sierra snowmelt, raises flooding concerns near Kings River
The river is up from where it was a week ago, but the flows out of Pine Flat Dam are expected to rise in the next day or two as high Sierra snow melts.
Fresno city budget includes nearly $40 million for airport parking garage
Plans for a nearly $40 million parking garage are included in the Airport Departments $124 million budget request.