Liz Harrison
Liz Harrison is co-anchor of Action News Live at Five and Action News Live at 11. She is also an Emmy-winning reporter specializing in faith-based and community related stories.

Liz began her broadcasting career at ABC30 in 1982. Over the years she has anchored just about every newscast at the station and done everything from consumer to medical reporting. She and photo-journalist Richard Harmelink won an Emmy Award in May 2010 for excellence in reporting for a story on how our military trains for war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through her stories, Liz enjoys giving a "voice" to those who don't ordinarily have a "voice."

Liz Harrison attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia and graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Broadcasting. Liz's formative years were spent in Baltimore, Maryland and Brussels, Belgium. It was living overseas that gave Liz an appreciation for people of different creeds and cultures.

Liz is married with five grown children and one grandson. When she doesn't have her "nose in the news" Liz enjoys cooking, reading, and biking... the motorized and the pedal-powered kind!

Liz's Stories
First responders come to Fresno to train for a mass casualty event
Long before Sunday night's mass shooting in Fresno, firefighters and paramedics from around the state signed up to attend a special training in town on how to respond to a mass casualty event.
Well-known Fresno chef makes remarkable recovery after heart attack
After friends and family said their goodbyes, something incredible happened.
Bishop Joseph Brennan discusses his direction for Diocese of Fresno, amidst scandals, challenges
In the Diocese of Fresno alone, seven priests are currently on administrative leave in connection to sex abuse charges.
Filmmaker Ken Burns in the Valley promoting latest documentary 'Country Music'
The sixteen-hour film chronicles country music from its roots in hymns and blues in the early years in the 1920s through the period of rock and roll and finally into the 1990s.
The Pete Dern story: Navigating a new normal
After 4 years of surgeries and therapy, what does the future hold for Fresno Fire Captain Pete Dern?
The Pete Dern story: Communicating love through one spot of unburned skin
"I couldn't touch him anywhere except a little spot where he didn't have any burns....When I'd come in I'd lay my hand right there and watch his blood pressure go down"
The Pete Dern Story: Going to Bora Bora
The moment Pete fell through the roof that day in March of 2015, he had to trust others for support. While there were many who encouraged him along the way a man named Ace became his closest ally.
The Pete Dern Story: Pete's hands
ONLY ON ACTION NEWS: Fresno fire Captain Pete Dern was severely burned over 70 percent of his body when he fell through a roof in 2015. Most have no idea just how traumatic and life-changing his injuries have been.
The Pete Dern Story: The day life changed
ONLY ON ACTION NEWS: Four years ago, the world was introduced to a Fresno firefighter through a piece of heart-stopping video. It showed Captain Pete Dern on the roof of a garage when suddenly he dropped out of sight into a cloud of black smoke.
'She was really angry that he spanked her' Arambula family explains what led to child abuse charge
In an interview with Action News, the Arambula's explained what happened in their home with their daughter Sunday night, and what they learned from the experience.