Sontaya Rose
Sontaya Rose is a reporter and fill-in anchor. She reports weekdays on Action News at 5, 6, and 6:30pm.
Sontaya is intense and incredibly driven when it comes to collecting news. Her competitive spirit and personality help her land some of the most sought out stories in the Central Valley.

Sontaya's specialty is investigative news reporting and she is constantly working on and off the clock to break stories. Each day, Sontaya works to deliver news that is more in-depth, with personal stories you want to hear.

Fresno is home for Sontaya. She was born and raised here. Her passion for journalism began at Clovis High School in Mr. Menendian's English class. She started as a feature writer for the school newspaper and after a year earned the title of Editor of the Cougar's Growl.

Sontaya stays very busy. When she isn't chasing news stories, she's running after her three young children. She has two daughters and a son. Weekends are typically spent on soccer fields or at dance competitions rooting on the kids!

When she gets the opportunity, Sontaya loves to travel. Her favorite destination is her father's native country, Thailand. She also likes taking in the beauty of plumeria flowers in Hawaii.

Any chance she gets, Sontaya enjoys gardening and reading up on the latest real estate news.

The suspect's attorney said he has concerns about what could be an "undiagnosed and unmedicated mental disorder."
Close to 280 Fresno County court workers could walk off the job if an agreement isn't reached soon with court administrators.
Deputies say the woman opened up two MasterCard accounts using the business name and made thousands of purchases to Amazon, Toys R Us, and Target to name a few.
If you have a gun and are banned from having one because of a criminal past statewide officials say you could get a knock on your door soon.
A restaurant owner is offering a $100 reward for the identity of a couple who they say dined and dashed Saturday night at the Press Box Restaurant in Clovis.