Veronica Miracle
Reporter Veronica Miracle joined the Action News team as a general assignment reporter in April 2014.

Veronica began her broadcasting career at KLEW-TV in Lewiston, Idaho. During her time there she was a general assignment reporter and evening news anchor. While reporting in Lewiston, Veronica went skydiving with recovering addicts and was even tased by police for a story.

Veronica graduated from the Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University. She studied broadcast journalism and political science. One of her semesters at WSU was spent backpacking across India. Veronica was born in Osaka, Japan where most of her family lives today. She is conversationally fluent in Japanese.

When she's not working, Veronica is passionate about volunteering. While in Idaho she earned several awards for her commitment to non-profit organizations. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook and by email at

Veronica's Stories
Serial Peeping Tom has bail revoked after most recent incident
It's a familiar situation for David Chavez, who is facing a growing list of charges and more suspected victims.
Fresno City Council gets into heated debate over marijuana cultivation ordinance
For the second time at a Fresno City Council meeting there is no decision for a marijuana cultivation ordinance.
Missing Tulare County girl helps investigators bring down entire human trafficking ring
When it comes to children and sex trafficking Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux gets furious. Seven months ago investigators found a missing Tulare County girl he said was being forced to have sex for money in Los Angeles.
Driver who livestreamed deadly Los Banos crash, Obdulia Sanchez, pleads not guilty
During Obdulia Sanchez's first court appearance she sat emotionless as the court read her charges. When asked if she understood what those charges meant she said, "a little bit."
CHP says 18-year-old woman who live streamed deadly crash likely drank alcohol beforehand
A deadly crash witnessed by thousands live on Instagram was a disturbing scene even for the most seasoned patrol officers.
Residents of Mariposa slowly returning as evacuation orders caused by Detwiler Fire are lifted
The town of Mariposa is slowly coming alive after the raging Detwiler Fire shut it down for three days.
Battle against the Detwiler Fire picking up as crew protect homes near Coulterville
A fiery inferno burning steep ridges of the sierra, just miles from the historic community of Coulterville. It is a community where few live and now even fewer remain.
Volunteers working to shelter animals displaced by Detwiler Fire
At the Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds during the Detwiler Fire it is all hands on deck-- 24 hours a day. Displaced people come here seeking shelter for their animals.
DA's Office files charges against sheriff's detective in shooting of Sgt. Rod Lucas
Nearly nine months after a devastating accident the Fresno County Sheriff's family is reliving a nightmare. Last year, Sergeant Rod Lucas was on the job when investigators said his colleague's gun accidentally fired and killed him.
Catholic Charities in dire need for volunteers to continue helping the community
For one year Araceli De La Cruz said she is been homeless. When her father's apartment burned down her saving grace was Catholic Charities.