After losing home and belongings family finds boxes inside storage containers destroyed

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Overnight the last of his remaining items were stolen by thieves. (KFSN)

Stacks of boxes on Jayson Zarcone's driveway hold the only items untouched by the flood and now even these containers have been rummaged, pilfered, and damaged.

"Realizing that everything you have is gone and totaled, that's a hard pill to swallow," said Zarcone.

Zarcone says he felt sickened Monday morning to find that thieves had torn out his shrubs, jumped the fence, and broke the locks on two storage containers.

The same clean-up crew that helped pack these belongings were back Monday taking an inventory of what was stolen.

"The hardest thing is to watch my wife in tears, melting down and we're supposed to pull it together and go to work, my job is very social so I have to talk to every client while wondering what's going on here," said Zarcone.

The boxes were out there because a nearby canal flooded Zarcone's home last Wednesday.

Neighbors say the construction crews forgot to turn on the pumps, and when water was released upstream, homes and roads near Locan and Shields were quickly flooded knee deep.

"Right now everyone is blaming everybody else and everybody tells me somebody else has to pay for it. But it all comes down to I wouldn't be in this position had the canal not have flooded," said Zarcone.
Zarcone is still assessing the damage but his safe was stolen. Inside were guns as well as thousands of dollars.

Loans he had recently taken out to pay for construction on his business.

"My 93-year-old grandmother, my finances, my kids and my family are already going through enough without you coming and do this,' said Zarcone.

The flooding already came at a challenging time and the theft is wearing his patience even thinner.

Zarcone says from now on they will have nightly security.

If you have any information on the theft, you are asked to call the Fresno County Sheriff's Office.

A Go-Fund-Me account has been set up to help the family.
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