Central Valley AC companies preparing for spike in calls as temperatures rise

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Central Valley's first heatwave of the year is coming along just as more and more counties across the state are slowly beginning to reopen.

Temperatures are expected to surpass the triple-digit mark through at least Friday, meaning AC repair companies are bracing for a spike in service calls.

"The weather is warming up so we're getting a lot busier," said Service Manager with Comfort Pro Heating and Cooling, Johnny Aragon.

Aragon says this is typically the time of year business picks up but with more families staying indoors because of the state's shelter in place order, that also has people more likely to get their AC serviced sooner rather than later.

"Now it's getting really hot and you have more people in the home, so you have more body heat. And if your unit is not working up to par, obviously you're going to feel hotter," Aragon said.

But as with most businesses these days, Aragon admits the pandemic has forced his staff to take those extra safety precautions when dealing with the public.

Rarely will they enter a home unless they absolutely have to, but face masks, latex gloves and booties are the new normal when answering service calls

"We obviously put on our gloves on, we put our masks on and any safety gear and glasses. We go to the door ring the bell and step back, wait for the homeowner to answer and we got our six feet distance."

With more extreme heat expected through the summer, officials say the greatest concern is for low-income residents and seniors, who are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses.

PG&E has tips on how to stay comfortable when temperatures reach triple digits.

"I would recommend a few simple things like if you have a window that gets direct sunlight, make sure you close the blinds and curtains so you can reduce that radiant heat. Even using a ceiling fans in the room you're in. A ceiling fan makes the room feel cooler but doesn't actually do anything if you're not in the room," PG&E spokesperson Denny Boyles said.

Officials with PG&E say no one will get their power shutoff if they can't afford it.

However, they do ask that you stay in contact with them if you find yourself in a situation that energy costs are rising at a rate that puts you in a financial bind.
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