Porterville native who relocated to Northern California loses everything in Camp Fire

A Central Valley family who relocated to Northern California a few years ago lost everything in the Camp Fire.

Porterville native Stephanie Guillen describes the Camp Fire as quick and producing smoke that was so thick it was pitch black.

The fire destroyed her Paradise home, leaving her and her husband, along with their four boys homeless less than two weeks from Thanksgiving.

"Everybody lost everything within a matter of hours it's indescribable unless you've been through it," said Guillen.

She says the fire not only turned their lives upside down but also two other family members.

"My brother that lives five minutes away from me lost they're home; my dad who lives in Magalia he lost his home," explained Guillen.

Crews from all over the Central Valley are responding to the growing blaze, including nearly 100 firefighters from the Cal Fire Fresno unit.

Jeremiah Whittwer says the deployment of resources results in local staffing changes to ensure there is no gap in coverage.

"We've canceled all of our days off for our employees right now and trying to send as much resources to help in Northern and Southern California," said Whittwer. "The amount of resources we're sending out they are going to be there for a while to clean up the fires."

Helping people like Guillen return to a new reality.

She tells us it is her mother who died suddenly two years ago who is giving her the strength to face the challenges ahead.

"My mom always favorite scripture mustard seed if you just have enough faith, so her teaching me that is probably the biggest thing I'm holding on to," said Guillen.

And her family is next in line because at the end of the day despite the loss and tragedy she is thankful to have them still.

'As long as we are ok and together that is all that matters," said Guillen.
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