How one woman was able to forgive her dying father accused of killing her mother and grandmother

The daughter of a Kingsburg man accused of murdering his wife and mother-in-law forgave her dad shortly before his death.

Alan Dupras died in custody on Tuesday.

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Action News recently reported on his deteriorating health.

That led to him being checked into the hospital earlier this month.

Action News reporter Nathalie Granda spoke to Dupras' daughter about the final words they shared.

This was the man Alison Dupras called "Dad" her entire life and she later saw him as a threat to her safety.

She hadn't seen her father in months, but when she got the call from the hospital, she decided to get closure.

"I grew up with a white picket fence childhood, this is not how I expected any of this to end," Alison DuPras says.

She says she always saw her dad as a great father, but that image shattered the day her dad was accused of killing both her mother and grandmother.

Now, more than a year after the murder, Alison gave her father a final farewell that ended with forgiveness.

"When I saw him laying there, empathy took over. It's my dad at the end of the day."

Alan DuPras was facing charges for allegedly killing Jennifer Dupras and Cynthia Houk, and was recently found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

Alison says she received a call from Community Regional Medical Center about her father's health on Monday, and decided to see him.

Her father was able to recognize her, and they shared some of the better memories.

"He did say sorry to me a few times, not specifying what he was sorry for."

Alison says she's finally at peace knowing there won't be a trial.

She says she's getting ready to move on to the next step of not having to worry about how it will turn out.

That next step means moving to New York, and starting at her new dream job.

There's not a day she doesn't think about her mother and grandmother, but she says it's what motivates her to be better.

"She weighs into my decisions. It pushed me to be better and be kinder," Alison says.

The hardest chapter of her life is now closed.
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