The mayhem in Aleppo has local Syrian families concerned

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As reports of bullets raining down on women and children in Syria's largest city Said Habbaba watched in horror from his home in Fresno. He said the bombs flattened remnants of his hometown-- along with humanity.

"Until now, he's not sure why the war started. He was living in peace in his country and all of a sudden he had to strive for survival," said Habbaba's translator.

Habbaba woke up to news of Assad's forces re-taking his beleaguered city and watched as Turkish leaders negotiated a ceasefire.

Civilians and rebel fighters are now allowed to evacuate but already much blood has been spilled.

"He's surprised that many, who came to fight Syria, don't know the language, the people, don't know what their purpose was-- to give him freedom from what?"

The United Nations said Assad's victory came at the cost of innocent people-- accusing pro-government forces gunned down civilians. Syrian activists who claimed to have lived through the terror posted distressed videos pleading for help.

Habbaba and his family are sympathetic to neither side. He said both the rebels and Assad have committed atrocities. and their struggle for power has cost the country close to everything.

"It doesn't matter who wins it's what price you pay and the price that's being paid right now-- nothing is worth the price that's being paid right now whatever the result is."

While many Syrians have given up peaceful intervention, Habbaba is hopeful Tuesday's bloody headlines will stand for something.

"The world could have done more to force peace and to prevent all this from happening."

Habbaba said many of his friends and family in Aleppo are elderly and have few options but to stay and live with daily bombings while praying for peace.
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