Inaugural class graduates from Allbritten University's HVAC training

From technical skills to critical thinking, the team at Allbritten is making sure their newest HVAC installers are ready for anything they encounter.

Alec Bailey, one of 14 graduates, says getting chosen to be a part of the company's inaugural class was an accomplishment itself.

"All I could do is throw my hat in and see what happens. And I was lucky enough they chose me," says Bailey.
"I feel confident i can go out there and execute what needs to be done."

Owner and general manager Andrea Johnson says Allbritten was challenged with finding qualified candidates and those that had technical training varied in skillset.

So they decided to start their own.

"Let's just train them here ourselves. We get to teach them the customer service we want and really do the quality of work we want here," Johnson says.

What grads thought would be the last day of an 8-week university was a surprise commencement ceremony.

"If we're going to have a university, let's make it a big deal and give them a diploma, and they got a duct knife - something they'll use in the field," Johnson says.

The plumbing and HVAC company has been serving the community since 1932.

Aiming to foster a learning culture company-wide, the university brings opportunities for current employees to promote from within and train in different departments.

"It's been so fun to watch both our existing employees and new employees grow and learn and become confident and be able to train the next generation," says Johnson.

These grads will hit the field as soon as Monday.

The plan is for the company to expand the university to different departments, including plumbing and service.
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