'My worst nightmare come true:' Mother of abducted 2-year-old pleads for son's return

Monday, September 23, 2019
'My worst nightmare come true:' Mother of abducted 2-year-old pleads for son's return
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'My worst nightmare come true:' Saturday morning an Amber Alert was issued stating the child was abducted by his father Steven Weir.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- "John, grandma and grandpa miss you, mama misses you, too and uncle Jared and Lincoln, too, we love you so much," In tears, Kathleen Van Dyk is sending a message to her 2-year-old grandson John Weir who was abducted by his father.

"We are just praying that God will protect John and that is where we get our strength and that is our prayer," Van Dyk said.

Friday night the child was reported missing. The boy had been staying with his father Steven Weir in Atwater.

Law enforcement believes Steven took the child, and Saturday morning an Amber Alert was issued. Authorities are searching for a 2005 red Hyundai Elantra with the license plate, 5SKT544.

"They are traveling, what we know at this time in and around the area, possibly in the county. We don't know where they're headed to or where they might be going," said California Highway Patrol officer Daniel Bowen.

Earlier this year Sarah filed for divorce and believes it could've motivated the abduction.

Saturday evening, Steven was supposed to meet Sarah. She anxiously waited at their child custody exchange location, but he never arrived.

She has a gut feeling he's long gone.

"I personally believe he is no longer in California, I think he's left the area," she said.

What worries her most is her son's medical condition. John suffers from a neurological muscle disorder and a weakened immune system. He needs extra attention.

"There is that small part in the back of your mind that you always think of the different possibilities and this is a parent's worst fear," Sarah said.

Now all the family can do is wait and ask Steven to return their loved one.

"Bring John home. Hand him over to the police or if he wants to talk to me, my phone is on," Sarah said.

Steven Weir is 5'10", 300 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt with cargo pants.

2-year-old John Weir was wearing a blue t-shirt with tan shorts.

Authorities say if you see the vehicle, do not approach. He is considered "armed and dangerous." You're asked to immediately call 911.