Bullard High School is taking steps to solve a possible hate crime

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 06:31PM
Last week, a sophomore said someone threw juice boxes at her while yelling homophobic slurs.

FRESNO, Calif. - A $1000 reward is now being offered for information that leads to the person responsible. In addition, students can now use their phone to deliver anonymous leads.

A fire drill last week at Bullard High has led to a firestorm on campus after Logann Pruneda said she was bruised by juice boxes that were pelted at her along with very disrespectful remarks.

"I pretended like it was nothing. But then I thought about it for a second and went to the VP, the vice principals office," said Pruneda.

Now the school has a new and anonymous way for students to reach staff members in an instant without feeling like they are snitching.

"I think it's important for kids to be able to tell us what's wrong at school. A lot of time students kind of play into it and they are just quiet and they suffer in silence. And we don't want that," said Bullard High School Principal, Carlos Castillo.

Castillo says school leaders contemplated the tip line for a while but expedited the process after Pruneda came forward recently to say she was a victim of a what police are investigating as a potential hate crime. The tip line is available at all hours, after hours, students can leave information on a recording. But there is an even easier way to relay any concerns.

"You can text the tip line and we'll get the message. I get it through email as well as other people in my staff also get it through their cell phone."

Tuesday Castillo also spent time meeting with the Gay-Straight Alliance Group on campus. Many students in the club have been emotional lately, including Pruneda.

"I am excited and nervous about the tip line opening up. I want to know who did this and ask why. Maybe then he will realize I am a good person and a good friend," said Pruneda.

Fresno Police do not have many leads. Since last week they have no additional witnesses other than Pruneda and her friend.

There were also no surveillance cameras in the area. Police say it is likely the crime will go unsolved unless someone steps forward.
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