Northwest Fresno business mixing work with fun

Friday, August 25, 2017 08:06AM
It is a mixture of play and work at Northwest Fresno business Aplos.

FRESNO, Calif. - It is a mixture of play and work at Northwest Fresno business Aplos.

Aplos COO Eric Nasalroad said, "It's not very scientific. It really comes down to we wanted to build a place where we want to show up every day."

Aplos has taken on a different look than most businesses-- from a giant abacus to support forts over desks. It is also promoting a unique work environment, one you can experience here in Fresno.

"So we have cornhole in the office, we have several other games in the office. We stock the kitchen with food so people can grab a bite to eat or have lunch together. We typically eat lunch together every day. We bring in catering on Wednesdays so that everyone has a sit-down meal and we talk and we hang out and we do fun stuff," said Nasalroad.

Aplos makes and sells web based software to the non-profit world.

"We're at a pace where we're just about doubling on an annual basis and it's just now, the numbers are getting bigger, where we joke down the road we're going to be the 10-year overnight success," Aplos CEO Tim Goetz said.

Goetz said they now have customers around the globe.

The company was started in 2009 and has grown to 40 employees and into a new 17,000 square foot space. Several of the employees have even lent a hand making tables and creating work spaces at the new office.

Some say they enjoy the work balance.

"I love working here, it's awesome. We have a bit of downtime and we have fun, which is encouraging to drill down and get our work done," said employee Trey Vaughn.

The leaders say creating a more open work environment has led to more productivity and work satisfaction.

"People show up early because it's a fun place to be, people go home late because it's a fun place to be and that's what we want to create here," said Nasalroad.

Aplos is a place that is bringing creative minds together in a fun environment.
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