Local moving company gathers donations to aid the victims of the wildfires

Sunday, October 15, 2017 09:11PM
A local moving company just hit its deadline of taking donations for people who've been displaced by the deadly northern california fires

FRESNO, Calif - A local moving company just hit their deadline of taking donations for people who've been displaced by the deadly Northern California fires.

"Cory it's been incredible to see people dropping off bags and boxes of necessities here all afternoon. You can see a portion of the room is filled with boxes almost to the ceiling with everything from face masks to hygiene products and it's all going out the door tomorrow afternoon."

People in Fresno have filled up boxes of donations all weekend at local moving company Meathead Movers --hoping their contributions will bring relief to the thousands of people impacted by the fires in Northern California

"Much like last month where we helped the Hurricane Harvey victims, we decided that were in a unique situation where we could donate our transportation services," said operations manager Justin Pieper.

The company made the decision last Thursday to open its doors as a drop-off site where people could bring much-needed products

All weekend Meathead Mover's employees have been sorting through donations and categorizing them --and boxes began to pile high in their office

"We've been asking for toiletries, hygiene products big ones are face masks and filters for the air and other than that children diapers adult diapers anything that would help out," said Pieper.

One local gym owner of FresnoFit had his clients bring donations to him at the gym, he came to drop them all off today--he says his clients love to help out and when this opportunity came up, they came through.

He hopes victims of the fires know that people from all over California are here for them.

"They've lost so much and they've struggled so much the last several weeks and a half now two weeks hopefully at this point they just get hope, they just get hope and they continue to have faith that they're not alone," said Nestor Flores.

Meathead Movers will be driving their truck up to a donation shelter in Richmond, Monday afternoon

"It's been wonderful it just shows how people in a community even in a conduit will show up and help out," said Pieper.

The Meathead Movers San Luis Obispo location has also been accepting donations, their movers will be heading to Fresno in the morning to drop their boxes off here, where all of the donations will be consolidated into one truck.

They'll be leaving at noon tomorrow.
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