First night of the Big Fresno Fair brought thousands of people to the fairgrounds

Wednesday, October 4, 2017
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- All night, Fresno Police if not walking alone were in groups of two or three--patrolling day one of the Big Fresno Fair.

Captain Michael Reid says in light of the tragedy in Las Vegas, increasing public safety with additional patrol officers was a top priority.

So much so they are even using technology -- a new camera system to monitor what is going on from the command post.

"If someday says they have a pocket knife, for instance, we can zoom on that-- give us the capability to identify a problem quicker," said Captain Michael Reid.

Jose Aranda brought his family out.

"Corn dogs soft tacos all that good stuff," said Aranda

Outside of all the food, he says seeing the police presence is making him feel more at ease.

"I've noticed them and are pretty aware where they are at like a safety precaution nowhere to run," said Aranda.

Fair officials are confident things will stay under control because from the very beginning private security is thoroughly searching people before they enter.

"We've always had between 60 to 85 officers on the ground at any one time but we really beefed up our perimeter security outside of the fairgrounds. We're really taking our security measures to the next level," said Stacy Rianda.

With the huge turnout for the $1 Wednesday, it is clear many people here are not fearful and feel that this is a safe environment for their family and friends.

"It feels extremely safe I've seen a lot of police a lot of security so I feel comfortable," said Kenny Mister.
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