PHOTOS: 25 most deadly jobs in America

Friday, January 05, 2018 05:53PM
25. Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers (Shutterstock)
24. Painters, construction and maintenance (Shutterstock)
23. Industrial machinery installation, repair, and maintenance workers (Shutterstock)
22. Electricians (Shutterstock)
21. Operating engineers and other construction equipment operators (Shutterstock)
20. Athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers (Shutterstock)
19. Telecommunications line installers and repairers (Shutterstock)
18. First-line supervisors of landscaping, lawn service, and groundskeeping workers (Shutterstock)
17. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
16. Maintenance and repair workers, general (Shutterstock)
15. Electrical power-line installers and repairers (Shutterstock)
14. Police and sheriff's patrol officers (Shutterstock)
13. Construction laborers
12. First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers (Shutterstock)
11. Ground maintenance workers (Shutterstock)
10. Miscellaneous agricultural workers (Shutterstock)
9. First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)
8. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers (Gosia Wozniacka, File)
7. Driver/sales workers and truck drivers (Shutterstock)
6. Structural iron and steel workers (Shutterstock)
5. Refuse and recyclable material collectors (Shutterstock)
4. Roofers (Shutterstock)
3. Aircraft pilots and flight engineers (Shutterstock)
2. Fisherman and related fishing workers (Shutterstock)
1. Logging workers (Shutterstock)
CHICAGO - A new report reviewed workplace fatality rates to reveal the nation's 25 most deadly jobs.

To determine the 25 most dangerous jobs, financial news and opinion website 24/7 Wall St. reviewed fatal injury rates for 62 occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.
According to the report, travel is the most dangerous aspect of many of the jobs on the list. Taxi drivers, chauffeurs, truck drivers, and garbage collectors, transportation incidents accounted for at least half of all work related fatalities in 2016.

In several other jobs, slips and falls accounted for a considerable share of deadly accidents, 24/7 Wall St. found. Tools of the trade - such as powerful saws and other heavy equipment - also could pose a deadly threat to workers.

Click through the photos in the gallery above to see America's 25 most dangerous jobs.
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