Fresno State's director of athletics Jim Bartko resigns

Monday, November 06, 2017 11:29PM
The university made the announcement just a couple hours ago citing Bartko is leaving for personal reasons.

FRESNO, Calif. - We are learning more about the immediate resignation of Fresno State Athletic Director Jim Bartko.

In a statement, Fresno State's President Joseph Castro said, "Jim Bartko focused on charting a new direction for Fresno State's athletics program, and he took the lead in developing the vision for the Bulldog Stadium modernization project."

After nearly three years on the job, Fresno State's Athletic Director Jim Bartko has resigned from his position.

In a statement, the university said Bartko -- who oversaw 21 programs and 425 student-athletes -- is leaving due to quote "personal reasons".

Back in January, the now-former athletic director made headlines for publicly revealing he was sexually molested as a child by a Catholic priest.

Bartko said, "I kept quiet for so long, now it's time to turn the tables and make those that made me feel guilty make them feel guilty."

Former Bulldog Nation President Harry Gaykien is one of Bartko's friends. Though he hates to see him go, he understands why he is leaving.

"He just needs to rest a little bit and kind of collect himself and sometimes you go 24 hours a day and I think you get tired and worn out," Gaykien said.

Bartko came to the Red Wave Nation from Oregon in January of 2015. In his time here, he brought back wrestling and introduced women's water polo. But many people remember his efforts in changing the environment at Bulldog Stadium.

"Football is a game but you are also in the entertainment business when fans come out they want to have a good time it's the little thing he brought beer back and going in and out at the stadium and reaching out to people and he was masterful at that," explained former Bulldog Foundation President, Nick Dvorak.

Freshman Garrett Kieffer is just thankful to have started at Fresno State during Bartko's time.

"Hopefully someone can fall into his footsteps and pick up where he left off and continue to improve our program," Kieffer said.

Bartko was provided with 90 days of salary after that, there are no further financial obligations to the university since this was a resignation.

We reached out to Bartko for comment but have not heard back from him.
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