Good Sports - Julia Glaser

Friday, September 29, 2017 05:41PM
Fresno State soccer player is a top goal scorer.

FRESNO, Calif. - Soccer is truly an international sport and Bulldogs forward Julia Glaser is from Lorrach, which she describes as close to Freiburg in Germany. It's a far cry from California.

"My dream was always to come to California to play soccer after high school. I talked to Brian and I really liked his idea of playing soccer," said Glaser.

"The reality is that goal scorers are hard to come by, and creative attacking players as well, and she brings both of those things to the table for us," said Brian Zwaschka, Bulldogs Head Coach.

Last season Glazer earned a spot on the 2017 All Mountain West newcomer team and was second on the team with six goals.

"Just level of confidence in how she is on the ball... really it stands out from the beginning. She just knows what she wants to do with it," said Peyton Cline, Bulldogs Forward.

"When she first came in with the language barrier she was especially quiet. But definitely as she's gotten more comfortable with the language and the soccer family around her she's opened up a lot more," said Brian Zwaschka, Bulldogs Head Coach.

"We're all here to play soccer and it's just cool that she can come right in and make a difference," said Cline.

"The ball the language and the idea that two people that maybe don't speak or understand the same words can certainly understand the same actions and the ball is a uniting force," said Zwaschka.

"Whenever you score it feels good but if you don't win I can't enjoy it. I really hope that no matter who scores the goals we just win and play good soccer," said Glaser.

Winning and playing team soccer, that's a message every Bulldog can rally around.
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