Future unclear for the Valley based non-profit Children's Musical Theaterworks

Monday, October 23, 2017
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The future is unclear for hundreds of kids who have signed up to perform with the Children's Musical Theaterworks.

The valley non-profit received a letter this month from the City of Fresno saying it will have to move out of the Veterans Memorial Building at the end of the year but tonight organizers say with two months remaining they have nowhere to go.

"How did I feel? Devastated," it is an emotion Judy Stene Executive Director of Children's Musical Theaterwork is dealing with after opening this letter from the City of Fresno.

"Stating that as of December 31, 2017, we no longer be able to have our productions at the Memorial Auditorium," said Stene.

Stene says for seventeen years the Veterans Memorial Building in Downtown Fresno has been their home, it is where they have had dozens of plays like Beauty and the Beast and the Lion King.

It is also where they store their production equipment and costumes.

"If this does in fact happen we will probably no longer have a theater company," said Stene.

In the letter, the city says $3.5 million in repairs is needed to bring the facility into compliance with current code. And of that amount, one million is quote "related to the stage, auditorium, and related space."

A space Stene says more than 200 kids of all ages committed to performing on next year.

"Children love live theater, it is something that is an experience like nothing they will have ... and that'll be gone," said Stene.

Now the non-profit is left wondering what will happen to the future of the organization and its kids.

"Right now it is so fresh we are going to stand up we are going to fight but I don't know, we have no power," said Stene.
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