Red Cross assisting two dozen people affected by an East Central Fresno apartment fire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- About two dozen people are without a home after flames tore through an East Central Fresno apartment complex Thursday.

A completely charred building with a melted staircase offers a glimpse into how intense the fire must have been.

Smoke could be seen for miles away as 12 units at the Sunset Sands apartment complex were completely destroyed.

Fire crews were able to stop the flames from spreading to adjacent apartment buildings as a number of residents were forced to evacuate.

No major injuries were reported as two individuals were treated for smoke inhalation.

But now two dozen people are without a home one week before Thanksgiving.

The American Red Cross is now helping those families displaced.

"We will go and provide immediate financial assistance with a place to stay up to three days and food water blankets," said Red Cross official Taylor Poisall.

Considering the devastation felt up and down the state, it's been a busy last couple of weeks for the Red Cross.

But the Central Valley chapter says it still has plenty of local volunteers on hand to deal with disasters here at home

"When it comes to a natural disaster we make sure we don't send all of our trained volunteers we try to be strategic about it. We keep some at home for instances like this," said Poisall.

Red Cross officials say over ten trained volunteers were able to go and help the families effected by the apartment fire.

Fire investigators say an unattended stove is what caused the blaze.
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