Schuster Found Guilty of 1st Degree Murder

12/13/07 Jurors said finding Larissa Schuster guilty was extremely difficult.

They handed up their verdict just before noon Wednesday.

In the court room, the victim's mother and Larissa Schuster's parents gathered, waiting to end a nightmare that started 4 years ago.

Larissa Schuster walked into court and took her place to await the verdict.

The clerk read the jury's decision.

"We the jury in the above and entitled action found the defendant Larissa Schuster guilty."

Larissa Schuster expressed no emotion.

Her mother hastily exited the court house, crying, knowing her daughter is a convicted murderer.

But the feelings were of relief for the victim's mother, Shirley Schuster.

"It was an emotional relief. It's been a long, long time. And I think being so far away from it has been very hard," said Shirley Schuster.

At a press conference the jurors who convicted Schuster stood side by side, confident justice had been served.

"It was definitely difficult, but I felt it was a very just process and I feel we made the right decision."

The group bonded and consoled each other while they listened to seven weeks of testimony. Some of it included graphic details regarding how investigators found Tim's remains.

"Yes it was graphic. Yes it was horrible. And we all agreed 100% on the verdict."

The jury's verdict will now be appealed by Schuster's defense attorney Roger Nuttall.

"In all sincerity, we did not expect a verdict of first degree murder with special circumstances. None the less that's happened and we'll just go from here," said Roger Nuttall, defense attorney.

Moving on is what the victim's mother plans to do... four years after she lost her son.

"I'm sure he is thinking job well done everybody," said Shirley Schuster.

Larissa Schuster will soon be transported from L.A. County to Fresno County.

She will be sentenced January 16 in a Fresno County Superior Court.

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