Christmas Day, Recipe For A Snowman

It's Christmas Day! Santa's come down the chimney with the presents, and I want to wish all of you a merry one! And you know, a white Christmas is what everyone dreams of – one with powdery snow that kids and kids at heart can frolic in.

Of course, in some parts of the country and the world, the weather may not call for that, but no matter where the festivities are, I've got the ingredients for a cozy recipe for your imagination right here from the children's book Stranger in the Woods, and it's going to bring smiles and make for a super story around the table this holiday season.

So, let's see what it calls for: a variety of big and small nuts in shells (walnuts would be super for this), a large carrot, then a couple of old gloves or mittens and maybe a scarf or an old hat, a couple of tree branches for arms…. Hmm, see where I'm going with this?

It's the start of a recipe for a snowman – and we won't need any snow to enjoy it.

All we'll need is a few scoops of imagination and a dash of good humor, and we can just picture how we'd put it all together – you know, a carrot nose, nuts for eyes and teeth, and so on!

The point of it all? With the kids out of school this week, why not pick up this wintry story at the library or a bookstore to share with them – to maybe read at dessert-time when we're gathered around the table, because that's what's really important, making family mealtime looked forward to – which is why I love to offer up super ideas for you all year long.

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