Handy Ride Route Change

Fresno, California Some disabled residents who use "handy ride" to travel from Fresno to Clovis could have a more difficult time getting around next week.

Jean Lenderman used to live in Clovis but now calls Fresno home. Always by her side is her trusty walker to keep her from falling down and when she needs to get back to the Clovis senior citizens center to see her friends she relies on Fresno's handy ride. But starting on New Year's Day this transportation for Fresno's disabled will stop servicing Clovis.

Jean Lenderman: "I feel once they take that away from me what will I have left."

Transportation Director Ken Hamm says Fresno needs to limit its trips outside of the city.

A Fresno transportation study this year revealed there were about 16-thousand, five hundred trips into Clovis annually costing tax payers around 400-thousand dollars.

Ken Hamm: "It was really about how do we use this resource within the city of Fresno to maximize Fresno citizens benefit from the resources."

Hamm says Fresno is working closely with the Clovis transportation department to have similar pick up and drop off times along Fresno and Clovis routes.

Starting January 1st Jean Lenderman will be dropped off here at the Shaw & Willow intersection. She'll have to wait for a Clovis Round Up bus to pick her up and take her to the Clovis senior citizen center.

Lenderman is concerned switching and waiting for another bus could be tough because of her disability.

Lenderman: "Get off and get on another bus and that's not good. It's not good for some of us seniors."

Hamm says both cities have a plan in place if any problems should occur.

Hamm: "The system that's delivering the person first will call the other system to let them know they're running late or running early. So we can do as much coordination as possible."

The city says it will grant special waivers to people with severe disabilities who rely on medical and work needs in Clovis.

The city says to call 621-RIDE, or 621-7433 if you use Handy Rides and have a question regarding service. Just ask for "Billy Short."

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