Are You Making A New Year's Resolution?

Fresno, California 51% said yes, 47% said no and 2% were unsure.

Brooke Deegan, Madera, says "I'm going to try to stay in shape, and maybe lose some weight"

Brooke Deegan's not alone. Losing weight and getting in shape is the number one New Year's resolution.

38% of those surveyed in the Fresno area listed it as their primary goal. Second was getting out of debt and third was saving more money.

But will those who want to shape up stick with it? Personal trainer Jeremy Spencer sees the same pattern every year.

"You get the New Year's resolutions coming in and the people re-dedicate themselves to working back out and they get back in here and they go full force, and they're here for three or four months and then the summertime kicks in and it's back to partying," says Spencer.

Our survey shows about 14% acknowledge they're likely to give up within a month, another 27% say they'll keep at their resolutions for up to 3 months.

More than half say they'll keep their resolutions more than three months.

But Spencer estimates only about 40% actually keep up their diet and exercise goals.

For those who really want to stick to their resolutions expert advice is available.

Gary Grossman, personal coach, says "You have to identify what you really want, and then you have to be extremely clear that you mean it. Then you need to make sure what you want to do is within your abilities. Once you've determined you have the willingness and the ability you have to have a plan with clear steps."

In his book, 'Get Your Head out Of Your But' Grossman says support is also key.

And if you're planning on going to the gym get their soon after New Year's Day it's likely to be packed for awhile anyway.

One resolution we heard a lot was getting organized. Others cited in our poll included quitting smoking, being nicer to people, and getting a new job.

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