Adopted Baby In Good Home Since Mom Arrested

Fresno, California Juanita Hood was taken into custody late Friday. Her mother says Hood is not a criminal and wants her baby back.

Fresno police say they had been investigating Hood and activity around her home for the past month and Friday when they wrapped up their investigation they found rock cocaine, two guns, a gang video and a baby inside.

A opened door and a broken window are the only obvious sign of a raid at Hood's apartment.

Her mother says Hood was stunned when police showed up at her door Friday.

Cathy Holmes, Hood's mother, says "When they broke the window, she jumped up and got the baby and they were already in the house when they broke the window."

Armed with a search warrant, the gang tactical team picked through the home.

They recovered 9 grams cocaine ready for sale and 7 grams of marijuana, also a loaded handgun, a sawed off shotgun, and a video police say shows Modoc gang members talking about illegal activity.

Hood's mother says her daughter is not a criminal.

Action News Reporter Sontaya Rose told Holmes: "They said that they've been investigating this home and that your daughter is selling rock cocaine out of here." Holmes replied "I don't think that's so. I think they just listened to what someone else told them and they knew that this baby was here."

The infant, who we are not identifying, is now in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Catherine Huerta, Children and Family Services, says "It's in a good home. We're very comfortable with the home that he's in, so he's being cared for and he's doing fine very much probably unaware of all of this that's going on around him."

Hood is being held on 6 felony charges including willful cruelty to a child. Hood's mother says her daughter was adopting the baby from a friend who gave birth to the child while in prison in Chowchilla.

Hood is set to be arraigned Wednesday. Her mother is hoping a few of the charges will be dropped because she says one of the guns belongs to her and the video belongs to Hood's brother.

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