Bulldog Fans Support Their Team

Fresno, California Action News talked with some fans and caught up with the last quarterback to lead Fresno State to a Humanitarian bowl win.

Red wavers rallied the Bulldogs at sports bars all over Fresno this New Year's Eve.

Dave Heth, Fresno State Alumni, says "I haven't thought much about New Year's Eve. I'm worried about what happens at 11 am today."

Some fans gathered at the Silver Dollar Hofbrau where even the waitresses are Fresno State fans.

Chrissy Conrad, waitress, says "How can you not be? Born and raised in Fresno, you don't have a choice."

Other fans chose to watch the bowl game at the Doghouse Grill including former Fresno State quarterback and 2004 Humanitarian Bowl MVP Paul Pinegar.

"It's exciting. I got a chance to play in the same bowl game and it's a great atmosphere. You get to go to Boise where the fans are excited to support another WAC team. It's fun to watch," says Pinegar.

Now a manager for a local uniform supplier, Pinegar watched the game with his co-workers and boss.

After cheering the Bulldogs to a strong win over Georgia Tech, fans say the end of '07 gets them even more pumped about '08.

Sheffie Hilliard, Fresno State Fan, says "Excellent game. They should have put it away earlier, but winding up with a win, so that's good."

Kevin Tague, Fresno State Fan, says "I thought they played great, hopefully that leads into us being ranked next year, because that was a pretty big win."

A lot of happy fans; happy with Tom Brandstater's performance.

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