Winning Lotto Ticket Sold In Porterville

Porterville, California The manager says the majority of lottery tickets he sells at the East Olive store are the scratch offs.

The tickets for this particular game cost $20 each and he only sold 9 of them so he didn't think chances were good during last night's drawing. But the New Year brought one of his customers the luck of a lifetime.

You never know where luck will strike. On New Year's Eve it struck in Porterville at the Super 7 convenience store.

Mike Singh, sold winning ticket, says "Someone won a million dollars yesterday." Singh, the store manager, sold the winning ticket.

No one has come forward to claim the million dollar prize yet but Singh believes it's a regular customer who lives in Porterville.

The California Lottery game called the "New Year's Raffle" sold 650,000 tickets. The Porterville store only sold 9 of them but still produced a million dollar winner.

"They're just all excited I mean its a million dollars in Porterville. I don't think they have had in a win in Porterville that big," says Singh.

Word of the big win, in the small town, spread fast.

Mario Diaz says there's no criteria for where lady luck can strike or how often. "I think it's going to hit again. Chances are it's going to hit again and that's why I'm buying a ticket right now," he says.

Sid Ramirez, California Lottery, says "Luck can strike anywhere. It doesn't have to be L.A. or San Francisco. Luck is anywhere."

Action News spoke with the store manager at 6 Tuesday evening and still no one had claimed the million dollar prize. The winner has 180 days to claim the money.

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