Car Crash Victim Begins His New Year at Home

Fresno, California Police say a 15 year old driver was behind the wheel of a car that slammed into the Amezcua family's S.U.V. on December 2.

The accident injured five year old Emmanuel Amezcua and his mother.

His older brother, Sebastian, died of his injuries days later.

After nearly a month in the hospital, five year old Emmanuel Amezcua was discharged New Year's Eve.

He and his mother are still in wheelchairs, but for the first time since the accident, the family is sleeping in the same home.

Emmanuel's father, German, says his son has made a lot of progress during the past month.

He began talking about two weeks after the accident that claimed the life of his older brother, 9 year old Sebastian.

Now, a brace on Emmanuel's leg is the only visible sign of injury.

"He knows how to spell, a lot of his colors. He knows how to count. Everything he knew before, he knows," said German Amezcua.

"Its' great to see where he is now and I know he'll be back to where he was before."

The Amezcua family has a website with details of Emmanuel and his mother Jessi's recoveries, as well as photos that show how far they have come.

The family's living room is filled with toys Emmanuel received for Christmas... A holiday he shared with his family despite his injuries.

There are still tough days, though.

Days after Christmas, Emmanuel was told his brother died in the crash.

German says it was emotional - but that day, a huge weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

"Now we can have conversations and not be whispering, you know. 'Make sure Manu doesn't hear that you're talking about Sebastian.' We can address his brother. We can do everything."

There is still a ways to go in Emmanuel and Jessie's recovery but as the new year begins, the family is filled with hope for the future.

German Amezcua says he's hoping Emmanuel will be able to return to school soon.

Meanwhile, the teenager charged in the accident is expected to be in court again next week.

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