Tiger Attack Survivors Go On the Offensive

Though the investigation into the deadly tiger attack is not finished.

There are still questions about what prompted the tiger to jump a wall and attack three people, killing a young man.

The survivors, brothers Paul and Kulbir Dhaliwal, have been released from the hospital and have yet to speak about the attack.

A report in the New York post, citing unnamed sources, says.

Slingshots were found on both brothers after the attack, leading to speculation they provoked the tiger. The report also says an empty bottle of vodka was found in their car. The father of victim Carlos Sousa Jr. Wants to hear from the survivors.

Carlos Sousa, Sr.: "Did you do this, did you do that? What happened?"

The brothers have hired attorney Mark Geragos and may possibly sue the zoo for the attack. Geragos says the victims tried to help their friend, but security guards waited for a half hour before calling for help. The zoo denies that. While the zoo opens tomorrow, the outdoor tiger exhibit will remain closed until the zoo completes construction on new, enhanced security barriers around the big cat grottos.

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