City Crews Work to Prevent Flooding

Fresno, California It's literally the calm before the storm at the National Weather Service in Hanford and the rest of the Valley.

Meteorologists at the National Weather Service are bracing for several storms that are expected to hit the Valley in the next few days, which could lead to flooding in some areas.

The storms also mean more than six feet of snow in the upper elevations.

"This is the first big rain producing, snow producing storm that's going to last for multiple days in about three years," said Steven Mendenhall, National Weather Service Meteorologist.

The possibility of flooding has some people loading up on sandbags at the City of Fresno's maintenance yard.

"It's better to be safe than sorry. We're just going to get some bags," said Chris Boswell, Fresno.

Crews from the city also worked through the day, clearing streets and drains of debris and testing water pumps.

"When we get a major storm happen, we shut down all the other operations and concentrate specifically on the flooding issues and the street maintenance issues, pot holes, stuff like that," said Brian Russell, Fresno.

A pond basin in Clovis flooded two years ago, trapping Karen Segovia's family inside their home.

Since then, there have been improvements made to the pump system but there is also more new development in the area, making Segovia nervous, once again.

"The earth can handle the water but now that there's pavement. The water's got to somewhere."

The City of Fresno is encouraging residents to make sure their drains and gutters are clean, and to pick up sand bags, if needed.

Sandbags are available at several locations in the Valley.

In the city of Fresno, you can pick up sandbags at G Street and El Dorado. You can call 621 - city - for more information.

In Clovis you can go to 155 Sunnyside Avenue for sandbags. Call 324-2800 for more information.

In the South Valley there are several locations in Visalia. They are 309 South Johnson Street, 9500 Airport Drive and 440 West Ferguson. You can call 713-4266 for more information.

In Merced County, you can call 209-385-7601 for information.

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