Many People Flock to Mountains for Fresh Snow

KFSN But we spoke with a few adventurous souls who made the voyage into the mountains prepared for whatever Mother Nature was bringing their way.

When there are reports of snow stacking up in the Sierras visitors get out their cold weather gear. Boots, sled and tire chains.

Eli Havens, San Francisco, says "We saw a big storm coming so it's like, 'hey! Let's go up to the snow.' but I had to get something to get my car out of the snow because I don't have 4-wheel drive."

Havens says he traded yesterday's high winds and rain at his home in San Francisco for Saturday's winter storms in the Sierra Mountains.

Havens says protecting his family was the top priority so getting new chains for his Chrysler family van were a must.

Other snow enthusiasts say they don't rely on chains but the sheer size of their vehicle and tires.

Ray Villalvazo, Clovis, says "It's 4x4, diesel, all-terrain. Got aggressive mud and snow tires on it... So very safe."

There's about 10 inches of snow on the ground already with 15-20 inches expected to fall by the end of the day. That's why visitors to this national forest are taking advantage of this great snowy weather before heading back down hill.

Larry Sue, Fresno, says "We weren't going to stay up here overnight anyway. Going to play for a few hours and then head back down."

20 inches of snow has already landed at the Sierra Summit ski resort. Management there says the number of skiers is down for the moment.

Highway patrol tells Action News visitors will need to be patient Sunday morning. CHP will be out making sure everyone has chains on their tires.

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