Snow and Slush in Sequoia National Park.

KFSN Large plows tried to clear the roads near the giant forest.

Rangers advised people to drive slowly and at higher elevations - snow tires or chains on tires are required.

Deb Schweizer: "Its slushy at about 7000 feet it's still a pretty warm storm as it comes in their predicting up to 27 inches of snow could fall in the higher elevations though"

Rangers say there were few visitors, but the heavy rain and snow couldn't keep away several locals and one visitor from Los Angeles.

Virginia Gurrola, Porterville: "It's very nice even with the rain coming down if you look up at the hills with the rocks and the mountains."

Philippe Collins, LA: "We love it, it's beautiful. We saw all kinds of wildlife. We saw a bear and some deer."

Scott Taves says the series of storms influenced him to come up and take some pictures for abc30's own Angelo Stalis.

Scott Taves, Visalia: "we came up for the day and it's just great to be able to see the snow come down and we just went up to Lodge Pole for the day.

While the snow may be fun to play around in park rangers warn the public that winter fun in certain areas can be dangerous.

Schweizer: We do have a lot of injuries that can happen when people don't pick the smartest places to sled particularly near a road you should never sled where you can be close to a road and possible enter it.

National Park Rangers say they'll be out patrolling the area to make sure cars have chains on the wheels or at least have four wheel drive. There will also be plows out through this weekend to make sure the roads are as clear and safe as possible.

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