On The Campaign Trail in Michigan

January 12, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Republican presidential hopefuls pounded the campaign trail Saturday in Michigan, where GOP voters hit the polls in just a few days.Mitt Romney and John McCain talked jobs in the Wolverine state.

Romney made a stop at a General Motors plant that announced 200 layoffs last week. He promised to help restore the American auto industry if elected.

McCain defended his comments that some of Michigan's lost jobs are lost forever. He said Saturday that new jobs can be created in the state.

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee focused on social issues, emphasizing his opposition to abortion in front of about a-hundred pastors.

Democrats are looking past Michigan because the party took away the state's delegates because of its early primary.

Instead, Hillary Clinton focused on the Hispanic community in Nevada, which votes next Saturday. She told them that everybody deserves a shot at the American dream, not just the wealthy.