IPod Speaker Systems

Nearly a quarter of all Americans now have an iPod or other mp3 player. You see the telltale earphones everywhere.

But if you want to listen to your music unplugged, Consumer Reports' Tom Maung tested ten of the newest speaker systems.

The $150 Acoustic Research comes with separate speakers.

With the $300 Altec Lansing, model imv712, you can also view any of your iPod videos.

And the $500 system from Chestnut Hill Sound has a remote control to make it easier to operate your iPod and select songs.

Since what's most important is sound quality, Tom tested by having each system play a mixture of all audio frequencies, called pink noise.

A computer shows how accurately the speakers reproduce the highs, midrange, and base. Testers also listened to a range of music on each system.

The $350 one, that also plays CD's and comes with a clock radio, earned top-ratings, with excellent sound quality and lots of features.

It's the Cambridge soundworks radio cd 745i.

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