The Skinny on Snacks

Potato chips are hard to resist once you start, but they're loaded with fat.

Enter lower-fat snacks, Cape Cod 40% reduced fat, Ruffles reduced fat, Pringles original reduced fat, and Lay's Baked Original, with even less fat.

For comparison, Consumer Reports stacked them up against top-selling Lay's classic chips.

Karen Rauen, Consumer Reports, says "None of the reduced-fat chips have the same intensity of flavor that we had in the regular potato chips. And with the baked chips you get less fat, but you also have less potato flavor."

The reduced-fat chips have more flavors and will give you some fat savings.

Instead of the 10 grams per ounce in Lay's Classic's, the reduced-fat Pringles has eight, Ruffles seven, and Cape Cod 6.

If you prefer tortilla chips, here's the scoop says Rauen, "Our taste testers found the Tostitos multigrain very good, good enough to eat right out of the bag."

An ounce of Tostitos multigrain has eight grams of fat per ounce.

But if you're looking for a low-fat tortilla chip, consider the baked Tostitos scoops. They have a lean three grams of fat. But you may want to use a dip to give them more flavors.

If you prefer cheese snacks, Consumer Reports compared Cheetos crunchy with the lower-fat Cheetos baked crunchy.

For the most flavor, stick with the full-fat Cheetos. The taste testers found you won't get much flavor with the baked Cheetos.

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