First Day of Charles Dickerson's Trial

KFSN Eight women and four men are sitting on the jury.

Dickerson still holds his position as Senior Pastor at Pearly Grove Baptist Church in Southwest Fresno.

The prosecutor said during opening statements the molestation happened over several years because the children were afraid to report it.

The defense points out the accusers have recanted their statements saying the abuse never happened.

Art Corona, Prosecutor: "That children many times will not report incidents of sexual abuse or other abuse because they are afraid of the problems that it will cause to their parents."

Glenn Lostracco, Defense Attorney: "I plan to call witnesses who will talk about Charles's schedule. The hours he works. How often he's out of town. He's not the kind of guy that lays around the house waiting to molest children."

Thursday attorneys will begin presenting their evidence.

The girls are expected to testify during the trial.

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