Tiger Victims' Cell Phones to be Held

KFSN A judge will determine whether the city attorney's office is allowed to inspect them.

Tuesday, Kulbir and Paul Dhaliwal attended the funeral of their friend who was killed in the attack Christmas day.

Seventeen year old Carlos Sousa, Jr. died saving Paul from the 350 pound tiger that escaped from its cage.

Carlos' mother says she finally got answers when the brothers told her about what happened that day at the zoo.

"They say I'm sorry. Never did a thing to make the tiger mad, and that's it. That's what he said. Just walking and talking, laughing and dancing. just normal teenage stuff," said Marilza Sousa, victim's mother.

Kulbir Dhaliwal walked with a limp caused by injuries to him by the tiger.

His brother Paul has long scars on his head where the tiger held him in her mouth.

Neither of the Dhaliwal brothers wanted to talk on camera.

They were accompanied by a private investigator hired by their attorney to ensure their privacy and silence.

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