New Revelations in a Child Molestation Case

KFSN Pastor Dickerson is about to go to trial, facing charges of sexually abusing two teenage girls over the span of nearly a decade.

Pastor Charles Dickerson has always maintained his innocence. His attorney Glenn Lostracco said that claim got a boost with the two victims saying the molestations and rape never happened.

Lostracco: "They came in. They talked to me. They sat in my office on tape, and explained these things never happened and the reasons why."

Lostracco: "I think finally the weight of the guilt finally got to them and they came forward."

The prosecutor declined to comment but is still pursuing charges against Dickerson.

ABC30 Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi said the defendant could still be convicted with the girls changing their story.

Capozzi: "Does not kill the case. It does not. Because then the prosecution can bring up why they recanted."

Capozzi said the girls could have been pressured to change their story.

The defense attorney says the prosecutor may bring in a third alleged victim to testify against his client.

Capozzi: "The reason for doing that is to show that there are similar occurrences, similar acts. If he committed these similar acts on other people, the evidence would indicate that he committed these acts on these victims."

Dickerson still holds his position as Senior Pastor at Pearly Grove Baptist Church in southwest Fresno and hopes the upcoming trial proves his innocence.

Jury selection continues tomorrow. Opening statements could begin Wednesday afternoon. At this point Dickerson's attorney is unsure if the pastor will testify.

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