John McCain wins GOP primary in NH

CONCORD, NH In an interview with The Associated Press, McCain says he's "grateful" to the people of New Hampshire, and he's going to move on to Michigan and South Carolina and win the nomination.

As for whether he's now the latest "comeback kid," McCain said: "I hate to use to the word `kid,' but I think we showed the people of this country what a real comeback looks like."

McCain won New Hampshire eight years ago during his first White House bid. Today's victory is, in fact, a stunning comeback for the four-term senator who went from presumed front-runner a year ago to seemingly finished last summer, when his campaign all but imploded.

McCain's triumph sets up a high-stakes rematch with Mitt Romney in Michigan. McCain won in Michigan in 2000 and still has support in the state. Romney was reared in Michigan and is the son of a former governor.

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